Our Values:

Open and fair

At Speedwagon we make sure everyone involved in a production is listened to, valued and respected - making videos isn't rocket science but it should be enjoyable.


Every member of Speedwagon has a passion for storytelling and a need to make our clients reassured and happy.


Every project is different and requires fixers, doers and problem solvers to make the magic happen - at the same time we are a service company, we take the weight off our clients. It's OK, we have got this.

Budget budget budget

Speedwagon only hires crew who 'get it' - they all have chops, take accountability for their actions and make the most of any project - they are creative with ideas and budgets giving you more.

Terms and Conditions

  1. CONFIDENTIALITY i) Suppliers and sub-contractors to Speedwagon must treat all information gained as a result of working with Speedwagon as strictly confidential. Betrayal of such confidence will be considered a breach of contract.
  2. SUB-CONTRACTORS i) While working for or contracted to Speedwagon, all freelancers, suppliers and sub-contractors will abide by Speedwagon’s and their clients’ Terms of Trading, Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policies at all times. It is the responsibility of the sub-contractor to make themselves familiar with all such regulations. ii) Freelancers, suppliers and sub-contractors working for Speedwagon must conduct themselves in a manner that will not embarrass, cause financial loss to, or endanger co-workers of Speedwagon or the company’s clients.
  3. INCLUSION i) Speedwagon operates an all-inclusive employment policy and insists that our contractors do likewise. Any evidence that contractors are inappropriately discriminating on racial, sexual or disability basis will be considered grounds for curtailing a contract.
  4. ENVIRONMENT i) Speedwagon operates an Environmental Policy which we expect all staff, contractors and freelancers to observe in detail and principal. Deliberate or wilful wastage of resources, or practices that will denigrate the environment will be considered grounds for curtailing a contract.
  5. PRICING i) All costs presented in writing or provided verbally to clients by Speedwagon employees are stated exclusive of VAT. ii) All costs must be considered to be estimated unless specifically stated as being a quotation. All such costs supplied are applicable for 60 days from the due date unless otherwise stated.
  6. COPYRIGHT i) Speedwagon owns copyright on all creative work briefed by Speedwagon personnel and created by our employees and sub-contractors unless otherwise agreed in writing. ii) Client companies or individuals are responsible for copyright clearance on all creative audio and visual materials sent to Speedwagon for incorporation into programmes on behalf of that client. iii) Speedwagon owns all master material (video footage, raw photo files, computer generated software, illustrations, models and proposals) produced by our employees and sub-contractors working to our instructions. iv) Speedwagon owns all software, materials and hardware created or purchased specifically for any project until that work and material is paid for in full by the client regardless of contractual agreement.
  7. RECEIPT i) It is a client’s responsibility to check all goods received from Speedwagon. Shortages, damage, errors or similar problems must be notified within 2 working days of receipt. Speedwagon reserves the right to disregard queries after that time. ii) Speedwagon accepts no responsibility for goods damaged in transit. Evidence of damage to, or problems with, goods produced by Speedwagon must be supplied by the recipient. iii) Queries with any Speedwagon invoice must be reported within 10 working days of receipt. Speedwagon reserves the right to disregard such queries after that time.
  8. LIABILITY i) Speedwagon will not be liable for any non-delivery of any product, event, programme or presentation if caused by an act of God, fire, theft, non-delivery by sub-contractor, civil unrest, direct or indirect acts of terrorism or industrial action. ii) Speedwagon, its employees or sub-contractors will not be liable for any loss of or damage to, clients’ property other than through proven negligence.
  9. PAYMENT i) Speedwagon’s charges are made on the understanding that clients pay invoices within 30 days of the invoice date. Clients that require an alternative payment schedule due to their established, legal or computerised systems must notify Speedwagon in writing. ii) Clients that have not opened an account with Speedwagon by supplying their bank and two trade reference details with adequate time to process such information must make full payment for work undertaken on or prior to the delivery of goods. iii) Speedwagon requests stage payments for work-in-progress. Wherever possible, this will be arranged to the mutual convenience of Speedwagon‘s and clients’ preferred systems. iv) Any legal and related charges incurred by Speedwagon in securing payment from a client will be passed to that client.
  10. INTEREST i) Speedwagon reserves the right to charge 2% compound interest per calendar month on all unpaid invoices overdue beyond 30 days from invoice date.
  11. CANCELLATION i) Speedwagon reserves the right to make an appropriate charge for the cancellation by the client of any project or any part of a project at any point in a schedule; or for changes in the schedule which result in financial loss to Speedwagon. The charge(s) will reflect direct costs, contractual obligations between Speedwagon and its sub-contractors, inconvenience, loss of alternative work and anticipated loss of revenue from the project.
  12. PROJECT CHANGES i) Speedwagon will be liable only to refund proven costs incurred by its supplier(s) relating to a project pro-rata with funds received from a client, less all costs incurred by Speedwagon in pursuit of such costs, for the cancellation of a contract or for ex-budget project changes made by a client to that project.
  13. RISK i) Any exceptional insurance required by a client to cover risk to public on location or their possessions and products while at Speedwagon’s premises in London NW1 or in Speedwagon’s care, must be requested in writing. Such costs will be charged to the client.
  14. INSOLVENCY i) In the event of any sub-contractor being declared insolvent during the course of a project or whilst in debt to Speedwagon for services or materials, any goods, samples or product owned by that client, but in our possession, will be deemed to be the property of Speedwagon.
  15. SEVERANCE i) In the event of any point(s) in these Terms and Conditions not being upheld, the remaining provisions will be unaffected.
  16. LAW i) All contracts and legalities arising from or incorporating these Terms and Conditions will be upheld and administered under English Law unless otherwise stated by contract.